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How is my property valued?

The Appraisal Office is responsible for assessing all real property located in Franklin County.  A state-mandated revaluation of all real property must also be conducted at least once every eight years.  Each year, building permits and listing forms are reviewed for new construction and additions to existing structures.  The appraisal staff visits, measures, and assesses value for all improvements and changes to property in the county.  They assist property owners and the public with questions and concerns about value.  They are also responsible for processing appeals of value.  Our staff appraisers currently use the schedule of values developed and approved for the January 1, 2018 revaluation to assign values.

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Annual Listing Requirements for Real Property

North Carolina General Statutes 105-303 and 105-308 cover listing requirements for real property owners.  Each year during the month of January, real property owners must list with the Tax Assessor's Office information concerning any construction or improvements on or acquisition of separate rights in real property.  Current listing forms are available in the Tax Assessor's Office and are also available by clicking here. Failure to list is deemed "willful" by statute and is a Class 2 misdemeanor (refer to NC G.S. 105-308 for more information).