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Individual Personal Property

During January of each year, individuals in North Carolina are required by state law to list all individual personal property with the Tax Assessor on a listing form approved by the Department of Revenue.  All personal property which is liable to be listed is assessed as it sits on January 1 of each year.  It is the responsibility of personal property owners to report this property to the Tax Office for ad valorem taxation.  Personal property owners must research tax laws in order to take advantage of any exemptions for which their property may be eligible.

The Individual Personal Property Department of the Franklin County Tax Assessor’s Office is responsible for listing and assessing individually-owned untagged vehicles and trailers of all kinds, all watercraft and boat motors, aircraft, manufactured homes, and unlicensed campers.  Taxpayers who listed these types of personal property for the prior year will receive a listing form in the mail in order to make any necessary updates to their records; these forms are mailed on the last day of December to ensure that taxpayers receive them with ample time to return them to the Tax Assessor’s Office by the January 31 due date.  Taxpayers are responsible for acquiring the appropriate form for their initial listing; you may print one here or contact the Tax Assessor’s Office to obtain one.  The listing period always begins on the first business day in January and continues through the end of January.  If personal property is not listed by the January 31st cut-off date, a ten percent late listing penalty is assessed.

The Individual Personal Property department is also responsible for processing applications for property tax relief  (North Carolina General Statute 105-277.1).

Please contact our office if you have any further questions or refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Listing forms are mailed each December to owners who are already on record.  If you do not have a current record of listing personal property and need to obtain the necessary form, you may download one here or obtain one from our office by request.

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