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Registered Motor Vehicle FAQ

Q: Where do I go to pay my tax bill on my vehicle?

A: Vehicle taxes are now included with your registration renewal billing.  These bills are paid at the License Plate Agency (LPA), via phone or online.  Remember, you must have your vehicle inspected prior to paying the renewals.

Q: How can I get a record of the taxes I paid on my registered motor vehicle?

A: The tax amount you paid is now listed on the registration form you have with your vehicle.  If you are unable to locate the registration, you may call (919) 814-1779 to get a copy of the taxes paid or visit MyDMV Portal to view/print this information.

Q: I need to renew my tag and need to pay the taxes.  Can I do this on the phone with you?

A:  No, you cannot do this over the phone. First, you must get your vehicle inspected, then go to your local License Plate Agency (LPA), where you will pay the taxes and tag at the same time.

Q:  My Tax and Tag bill shows that I am paying taxes for a fire district that I do not live in.  How do I get that corrected?

A:  Please contact our Assessor's office at (919) 496-2172, option 1.  They can correct the fire district for you.

Q:  Why did I get this bill when I've already sold this car?

A:  If you no longer own the car and have turned in the tag, you may ignore payment of the invitation to renew.  If you have transferred the tag to another vehicle, DMV will let you know the new amount of taxes due based on the new vehicle.

Q: I disagree with the value of my vehicle which is on my tax bill.  How may I dispute this?

A: You may appeal the value of your vehicle within one month of your bill date.  You will need contact the Assessor’s Office to appeal the value.  Call the Assessor’s Office for more information at (919) 496-2172, option 1.

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