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Individual Personal Property FAQ

Q: What types of personal property am I required to list?

A: Personal property includes unregistered motor vehicles, unregistered trailers and campers, manufactured homes, boats, boat motors, jet skis, aircraft, and vehicles with multi-year tags.  Please call the Tax Assessor's Office at (919) 496-2172, option 1 if you have questions about any items not listed here.

Q: When should I list my personal property with the Tax Office?

A: The month of January is the month when personal property is to be listed each year.  Personal property must be listed by January 31st of each year to avoid a 10% late listing penalty.

Q: How is personal property assessed and may I appeal the assessment on my property?

A: Personal property is assessed at fair market value as of January 1 each year.  If you do not agree with the assessment of your personal property, you may appeal the value within one month of receiving your tax bill.  Please contact the Tax Assessor's Office at (919) 496-2172, option 1 if you wish to appeal a value.

Q: What does “registered vehicle” mean?

A: A registered vehicle is one which is registered with the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (NCDMV) and which has tags that are not expired.  Vehicles with current license plates are not required to be listed because they are already listed through the DMV office.

Q: My boat is already registered with North Carolina Game and Wildlife.  Why is it necessary for me to list it with the tax office?

A: Boats are not treated as regular motor vehicles meaning that once a boat is registered with Wildlife, it must still be listed with the Tax Office in January.

Q: If I sold my listed property during the calendar year, will my bill be prorated?

A: Tax bills on personal property and real estate are never prorated.  These bills are based on who owns the property and where it sits as of January 1 each year, so they are due and payable as billed.

Q: What does “situs” mean?

A: The situs of a property is the place where that piece of property is permanently located.

Q: I received a discovery notice on my personal property.  What does it mean?

A: A discovery notice on personal property means that the Franklin County Tax Office has discovered that you own personal property that is within the taxing jurisdiction of Franklin County.  If you receive one of these notices, you should call the Tax Office to verify the information.  If the Tax Office has not received a call from you within thirty days of the date of the letter, you will receive a tax bill in the mail on the discovered property.

Q: What is an ad valorem tax?

A: It is a tax based on value.  It is not the same as sales tax or income tax.


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