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County Owned Real Property For Sale:

The following table is the list of all Franklin County owned real estate approved by the Board of Commissioners as available for sale.

Parcel ID Map Tax Record Minimum Bid Brief Description
002262  Map  Tax Info $15,000 1.0 acre lot, Ingle Dr
002595  Map  Tax Info $22,500 2.76 acre lot, Ingle Dr 
026264  Map  Tax Info $16,500  2.0 acre lot, Vaiden Rd 
034887  Map  Tax Info $11,590  0.76 acre lot, Turnipseed Dr 
034888  Map  Tax Info $11,430  0.72 acre lot, Turnipseed Dr 
034889  Map  Tax Info $11,380  0.7 acre lot, Turnipseed Dr 
017230  Map  Tax Info $4,680  2.0 acre lot, off Perdues Rd 

The purchase procedure and associated form(s) are located with the Clerk to the Board and available here.

Questions regarding the purchase procedures or status of a current bid, should be directed to the Clerk to the Board - (919)-496-5994

Questions regarding parcel specifics or inoperative links on this page, should be directed to the Franklin County Assessor's Office - (919)-496-2172