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The Board of Equalization and Review has now officially adjourned for the Tax Year 2012.  The Board will continue to meet to review all of the Equalization & Review Appeals submitted prior to the adjournment date (June 11th, 2012).  There are over 1,000 appeals that have been submitted this year.  Each and every one of these appeals will receive the due diligence they require.

Understanding the Process:

Currently, county appraisers review the information submitted by the taxpayer on their appeal form.  Using this information, they first contact the taxpayer to determine if there are any errors in the information about their property and whether a site visit is appropriate to gather more detailed information for the appeal.  Following their review, they follow up with the taxpayer informing them of the changes, if any, to their property valuation.  In the event, that the taxpayer agrees with the changes recommended by the county appraiser, then that information is conveyed to the Board and subsequently updated as the current assessed value.  If the taxpayer disagrees with the county appraiser, they will be scheduled for a meeting with the Board of Equalization and Review.  These public meetings are typically scheduled from 6:00 – 9:00 pm on varying weeknights depending on the availability of the Board members.

During the Board meetings, taxpayers are requested to present their information that supports the value that they are seeking from the Board.  Subsequently, the county appraiser that has handled their appeal will present his findings and rationale for the value recommended.  At this point, the Board may ask for further information or may render a decision as to the value of the property being appealed.  Following the Board's decision, a letter is sent to the taxpayer confirming the findings of the Board of Equalization and Review.  In this letter, the next steps and deadlines available to the taxpayer are clearly defined.

Commitment from the Board of Equalization & Review and the Franklin County Tax Office:

The Board and the Tax Office are committed to insuring that taxpayers are treated fairly and equitably.  As such, bona fide errors in information and/or data collected used to assess a value to a property, will always be addressed and corrected when it is brought to the attention of the Franklin County Tax Office.

Should a taxpayer have any questions about this process, please contact the Franklin County Tax Office at (919)-496-1397.