Solid Waste

Physical Address: 5 Landfill Road, Franklinton, NC 27525

(919) 496-5002
Mailing Address:113 Market Street
Louisburg, NC 27549

Solid Waste

Tire Program | Lead Acid Batteries | Used Oil Program | Household Hazard Waste Program

**All twelve convenience centers have recycling for used motor oil and used oil filters.  Also Antifreeze is a product that is collected at all twelve convenience centers.**

Tire Program

Tires are collected free of charge at the closed landfill on SR1109 (Timberlake Rd.). Franklin County has a contract with Central Carolina Tire in Cameron, North Carolina to come to the landfill to pickup loaded tire trailers.

Franklin County also tries to assist in county clean up projects of old tires dumped illegally or left at abandoned businesses. One project is currently being cleaned up with the assistance of tire funds from the state.

Lead Acid Batteries

- See the Attendant - 

Lead-acid batteries are collected at all twelve county convenience centers. Franklin County accepts approximately 2000 batteries per year.

Used Oil Program

Used oil is collected at four county convenience centers (Landfill, Moulton, Highway 56, and Five Points).

A 300 gallon tank is provided free of charge to the all residents of Franklin County. 

It must be used motor oil, hydraulic oil, and cooking oil only.

Household Hazard Waste Program

Call (919) 496-5002 for information.