Social Services

Social Services

Emergency Services

Emergency Assistance (EA) - Limited cash assistance to crisis situations for families with children under the age of 18.

Emergency Food and Shelter (EF&S) - Federally funded emergency assistance for food and shelter-related needs.

Crisis Intervention Program (CIP) -  Assists with heating or cooling emergencies.

Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) - A one-time cash benefit to assist with heating expenses. 

General Assistance (GA) - Funds utilized to assist clients in emergency situations with life essential needs for medication, food and shelter, etc.

Energy Neighbor – Assistance with heating costs for Progress Energy customers.

Wake Electric Round-up - Assistance with heating costs for Wake Electric Energy customers.

Domestic Violence Funds – Assists victims of domestic violence to maintain a safe environment for their families.

Food Assistance – Assistance thru Care and Share and referrals to other food banks in the county.

Services for the Blind – Social Worker from the State Division of Services for the Blind assists visually impaired persons with various services.

Daycare Provides assistance to working parents with partial cost of daycare.

Transportation – Assists individuals with medical related transportation.