Social Services

Social Services

Adoption Services – Provided to birth parents, children in need of adoption, and adoptive parents.

Case Management for Children at Risk of Abuse or Neglect – Social work services coordinated for children at risk of abuse, neglect or dependency by their parent or caretaker.

Foster Care – Temporary out-of-home placement for children due to family disruption as a result of abuse, neglect or dependency.

Foster Home Licensure – Recruitment, training and supervision of foster homes to assure safe and secure temporary homes for children.

Preparation for Independent Living – Serves youth ages 16 and above in agency custody to prepare for adulthood.

Child Protective Services – Investigation and treatment of reported child abuse/neglect or dependency.

Parenting Classes – Provided to families referred by caseworkers or self referred.  Pre-service and in-service training offered to foster and adoptive parents.