Social Services

Social Services

Adult Services

There are a number of programs and services available such as Special Assistance In-Home,  Adult Protective Services, Guardianship, Adult Care Home Case Management, Community Alternatives Program For Disabled Adults, Placement, (Adult Home Specialist, and Home Mobility Aids.  A member of the adult services social work staff is available each day, by telephone or office visit, to discuss the eligibility criteria of each program.

Adult Protective Services (APS) Agency takes reports of abuse, neglect and exploitation of disabled adults.  If you would like to make a report, please contact our office at 919-496-5721 and ask for Adult Protective Services and there will be a social worker available to discuss your concerns with you.

Community Alternatives Program/Disabled Adults (CAP/DA) - Medicaid waiver program that allows disabled adults who are deemed nursing home level of care by their physician, to remain safely in their homes.

Adult Home Specialist – Monitors and investigates complaints of adult and family care homes to ensure licensure compliance.

Guardianship – Agency serves as court appointed guardian for individuals who have been deemed incompetent and have no one else to assure their health, safety and well-being.

Placement Services – Agency assists individuals with locating appropriate out of home placement.

Adult Care Home Case Management – Provides case management to individuals placed in adult care homes who require Enhanced Care in the areas of ambulation, toileting and eating.

Special Assistance In-Home  - Provides case management to individuals  who are determined to be eligible for Special Assistance Medicaid and are at-risk of being placed in an adult care home.

Home Mobility Aid  -  Agency accepts referrals for wheelchair ramps and medical equipment (not covered by insurance) needed to ensure safety and improve mobility within the home.  Funding is provided via a grant from the United Way for this service.