Social Services

Social Services

Adult Services

With Adult Services there are a number of programs and services available such as, Special Assistance In-Home, State In-Home, Adult Protective Services, Guardianship, Adult Care Home Case Management, Community Alternatives Program For Disabled Adults and Children, Placement, At-Risk Case Management, Adult Home Specialist, and Home Mobility Aids.  A member of the adult services social work staff is available each day, by telephone or office visit, to discuss the eligibility criteria of each program.

Children's Services

The Children's Services unit receives reports of abuse neglect and dependency.  Reports that meet the legal definition of abuse, neglect or dependency are assigned to a social worker to complete either a child protective services investigation or a family assessment.  A family continues to receive services through case management if there is a need for continued protection of the children. In cases where a child cannot remain safe in their home it may be necessary to place the child in foster care. A foster care social worker then works to achieve a permanent safe home for the child. Adoption Services and Foster Home Licensure are also provided by the agency.

Emergency Services

There are a variety of emergency intake services that our county has to offer. They include assistance to eligible customers for heating and cooling, medication, food, shelter and information and referral to other agencies. All aspects of Emergency Services have various eligibility criteria, which the social worker explores during an Interview within our office or if necessary, by telephone.

Family Support Services

There are a variety of family support services that our agency has to offer. They include assistance to eligible customers for Daycare, Transportation, At-Risk Case Management, Employment and Training, Food Assistance, Medicaid, Work First, Special Assistance for Adult Care Homes, and NC Health Choice. The purpose of each of these services is to promote self-sufficiency among families of Franklin County and support these families during the process.