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Register of Deeds

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How to use our Index Search

On the left is the option for Register of Deeds Index Search.  Click on that option.

There will be tabs along the top that you can choose to change the types of searches you would like to do.

Please call the office with any questions and we will be glad to help you in any way that we can.  

Type of searches available:

Consolidated Index: - If you are doing a name search remember that in most cases less is more.  Entering just the last and first names is all you will need in order to find the information.  If you are searching information pertaining to a subdivision, such as Restrictive Covenants, you will need to do a name search and put the name of the subdivision in the Firm/Last Name field.   The records you will find in this field are from 1979 to present day.

View Images:  If you already have the book and page information, that would be the quickest and easier way to go right to that particular document.  You can search real estate documents and maps in this search.  Maps (surveys/plats) that have been recorded 1989 you will find by entering the year as the book number and then the page.  

***Please note*** See page regarding Maps/Plats for instructions on how to search our records for maps.

Old Index Books: – This search pertains to documents that were recorded from 1896 through 1978.  If you have a book and page that falls in this time frame, again it would be best to choose the View Images tab and just enter the book and page numbers.  You can choose whether to do a Grantor (seller) or Grantee (buyer) search, and then enter the last name of the person you are searching.  The index page for that name will appear and you find the person whom you are searching along with the book and page and enter that book and page in the place provided. 

Vital Index: This is where you can search birth, death or marriage indexes.