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Register of Deeds

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How to use our Index Search

On left is the option for Register of Deeds Index Search.  Click on that option.

You will automatically be logged in as a guest when searching our site.  If you choose to use a User Name and Password, you will need to set up a new user account.  If you choose to do that there is place to "Log in as named user" on the bottom left of the search screen.  The one that you may have previously used will no longer work due to changes made to our system!!  

There will be tabs along the top that you can choose to change the types of searches you would like to do.

In order to view documents you will need to make sure that you have the current Java downloaded.   If you do not you can go to x downloads.

Please call the office with any questions and we will be glad to help you in any way that we can.  

Type of searches available:

Name: Quick & Advanced - If you are doing a name search remember that in most cases less is more.  Entering just the last and first names is all you will need in order to find the information.  If you are searching information pertaining to a subdivision, such as Restrictive Covenants, you will need to do a name search and put the name of the subdivision in the Firm/Last Name field as non-human.  

Book/Page:  If you already have the book and page information, that would be the quickest and easier way to go right to that particular document.  The Consolidated Real Property will automatically be what is searched unless you specify differently by choosing another option in the drop down menu.  Consolidated Real Property (CRP) pertains to documents recorded in 1995 through today.  Pre-95 Real Estate is where you will find documents from 1979 through 1994.  Maps (surveys/plats) that have been recorded 1995 or later will be included in the Consolidated Real Property search.  An example of how the maps are referred to is Map Book 1995 page 25.  You will need to choose Pre-95 Maps for any maps that were recorded prior to 1995.  (See below for how to search pre-95 maps.)

Date Range:  If you don’t have a name, but are looking for a particular type of document.  These searches can be done, but only be done in thirty day increments.

Online Index Books: Name & Record Books – This search pertains to documents that were recorded from 1950 through 1978.  If you have a book and page that falls in this time frame, again it would be best to choose the record book search and just enter the book and page numbers.  If you need to search the name you will choose the name search, choose whether to do a Grantor (seller) or Grantee (buyer) search, and then enter the last name of the person you are searching.  The index page for that name will appear and you find the person whom you are searching along with the book and page and enter that book and page in the place provided. 

Property: This is when you search the property descriptions for different Subdivisions. 

Book/Page Searches:


Book 452 Page 1 through Book 763 Page 663


Book 763 Page 664 through Book 1009 Page 702


Book 1009 Page 703 to Present

PRE 95 MAP (plat) SEARCH (when searching by Book & Page)

Ex: PRF 3 Sl. 92-175

Book: C3        Page: 92

Book SuffixPage Suffix: 175


Ex: Cabinet 3 Sl. 124-B

Book: C3        Page: 124

Book Suffix: Page Suffix: B


Ex: Map Book 3 Page 101

Book: 3           Page: 101

Book SuffixPage Suffix: