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Register of Deeds

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Births and Deaths

The birth and death records have been registered in the State of North Carolina since 1913.  An act in the legislature that year required that the state establish a uniform system by which such vital statistics be kept.  The NC General Assembly placed upton the State Board of Health the responsibility for keeping such vital statistics.  Local registrars (not Register of deeds), appointed by the County Commissioners but responsible to the State Board of Health, were made responsible of securing copies of each birth and death certificate signed by the attending physician or midwife.  The original copies of the certificates were forwarded to the State Registrar and a duplicate copy was deposited with the Register of Deeds.  The Register of Deeds was required to preserve and index the record.  Today the local Health Director serves as the local registrar of vital records in each county.  Their duty is to determine that the certificates have been completed in accordance with the General Statutes and Administrative Code of the state.  Once the local registrar signs the certificate, the originial is forwarded to the State Registrar and a copy sent to the Register of Deeds of the county where the birth or death took place.  The Register of Deeds is required to file, index, and preserve the copies that they receive from the local registrar. 

All of the birth and death records for Franklin County have been indexed and scanned into our vital database and are available for searching both at the office and on this website.  If using the internal search within the Register of Deeds office you can view and print a copy of the image and the index.  However, the only information available on the website is an abbreviated index of the data. 

The cost of certified copies is $10 per copy if the birth or death occurred in Franklin County.  If the birth occurred in another county within the State of NC, we can help you obtain a certified copy of the "Out of County" birth if it was after 1971.  We have access to the State Vital Records Department, however, they charge a $14.00 search fee.  Therefore, the cost for an "Out of County" birth certificate will be $24.00. ****Please note that only the person themselves or an immediate family members are allowed to obtained certified copies of certificates upon showing their identification. 



In 1868 with the abolition of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, the duty of keeping record of marriages was transferred to the Register of Deeds.  Today, the Register of deeds is responsible for issuing licenses for all marriages to be performed within the State of North Carolina and for keeping the records of all marriages actually performed in the state. 

Our office has copies and an index of marriages from 1869 to present.  We have entered the marriage information into our vital database dating back to 1962.  If you would like to obtain a copy of a marriage you will need to come into the office as the website only contains the indexed data.

If the marriage license was obtained from Franklin County, you may get a certified copy of that marriage from our office at any time after the license has been returned following the marriage ceremony.   There is a $10.00 fee for that certified copy as well, this is NOT included in the $60.00 fee you pay for the initial license.  ****As with the births and deaths, only the person themselves or an immediate family may obtain a certified copy of the license after providing proper indentification. 


****North Carolina Law only allows certified Vital records to be issued to the following:

  • Yourself
  • current Spouse
  • Sibling
  • Child (Step)
  • Grandchild or Grandparent
  • Parents
  • Those seeking information for legal determination of personal or property rights
  • Authorized agent, attorney, or legal representative of the person who's certificate is being requested.
Identification is required of anyone wishing to obtain certified copies of any vital records.

Military Discharges

A record of Military Discharges has been kept by the Register of Deeds since 1921.  There is no restricition on public access to military discharges that have been on file for more than eighty years.  Due to privacy concerns brough about by sentsitive personal information contained within these documents, discharge records that have been on file for less than eighty years are restricted to the veteran, their authorized representative, agents of various government agencies representing veterans, court officials, and the NC Division of Archives and History.


Online Ordering

The Franklin County Register of Deeds Office is now offering this online ordering system in partnership with Permitium. There is a convenience fee per transaction plus applicable credit card fees which is collected by Permitium.  Please be advised that neither the Franklin County Register of Deeds nor Franklin County will retain any portion of the aforementioned fees except the statutorily mandated $10 fee for each certified copy ordered.

Franklin County Register of Deeds Office wants to protect the identity of our citizens. During the online application process, the data you provide will be analyzed and additional "personal knowledge" questions will need to be answered. This information will ensure us that when we process your order; the certificate will be sent to the appropriate person and location.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at (919) 496-3500.

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