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Public Utilities

On March 31, 2020, Governor Cooper executed Executive Order 124 which dictates that the Public Utilities Department must inform our customers of the applicable provisions contained in Executive Order 124.

The provisions that the department is following are:

  • The department will not disconnect customers for late or non-payment of their utility bill
  • Regular usage will still be calculated and charged
  • The department will not charge late or deliquent fees
  • The department will offer payment plan options for customers who are having difficulty paying their utility bill during this COVID-19 pandemic
  • The department will reconnect active customers who were disconnected

These provisions will be followed for the duration of Executive Order 124, which is set to expire in 60 days from March 31, 2020.

FCPU offices are closed to the public.  All utility bill payments are to be made by mailing them in, online bill pay (convenience fee waived), automatic check draft, or through the drop box at the front of our office.  FCPU will regularly check the drop box throughout the day.  Applications for new water and sewer services are available for pick-up from a box at the front of the FCPU office. Completed service applications can be returned through the drop box at the front of our office.

At this time, everyone across our community needs access to clean, running water in an effort to help protect the community and mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  Please stay safe and continue washing your hands for 20 seconds and using hand sanitizer frequently and continue to observe the social distancing recommendations.  We will continue to monitor the situation moving forward.  If you have any questions please contact the office at 919-556-6177.

CLICK HERE for Franklin County Utilities Customer Notification for Governor Cooper's Executive Order No. 124