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Public Utilities

Do not remove, tamper with or obstruct a water meter.  Tampering fees, criminal charges, or civil penalties may be the result.

Water meters are the property of Franklin County.  Tampering with or removing the meter can result in tampering fees being assessed ($250 first occurance, $500 second occurance, $1,000 third occurance), civil penalties and criminal charges.

If the water needs to be turned off to your property for any repairs, please contact Franklin County Public Utilities at 919.556.6177 during normal business hours (919.496.6565 After Hours) and a service technician will be dispatched.  

METER TAMPERING IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE -   Per North Carolina General Statute 14-151, it is illegal for any unauthorized person to alter, tamper with, relocate, willfully damage, or bypass a water meter.  It is illegal for any person other than personnel from Franklin County Public Utilities to reconnect a water meter after Franklin County disconnected it, Franklin County Code of Ordinances Section 34-160.  Any person violating these provisions may be found guilty of a Class 1 Misdemanor.  Whoever is found guilty of violating these provisions shall be liable to Franklin County for all losses and damages incurred. 

Obstructing a Water Meter - Franklin County personnel must have access to water meters to properly maintain water and sewer services and to ensure accurate billing.  The utility customer is responsible to maintain access to the water meter from Franklin County Public Utilities personnel.