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Planning and Inspections

 Franklin County is updating its Unified Development Ordinance (UDO), the official document regulating zoning, subdivision, and land development. The UDO update will incorporate changes based on the County's Comprehensive Plan and state law, North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 160D.

Click here to access the Final DRAFT of the updated Franklin County Unified Development Ordinance.

 Click here to view the DRAFT Zoning Map.

Click here to access the Franklin County New Zoning Comparison Map.

Click here to access Frequently Asked Questions for County Wide Zoning.

Your insight will help provide guidance and direction to Franklin County during the update process.



UDO Update Links:

Steering Committee

  • Harry Mitchell - Local Engineer

  • Mike Moss - Local Surveyor/Developer

  • Michael Schriver - County Commissioner

  • Ernie Holden - Planning Board Member