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Planning and Inspections

State Transportation Improvement Program

The State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) was created by the North Carolina General Assembly through the Strategic Transportation Investments (STI) Law with the intent to provide funding for roadway, public transportation, bicycle, pedestrian, rail, and aviation projects. Each MPO, RPO, and NCDOT Division submitted a list of scores based on the Mobility Formula generated by the STI.

In December 2014, the NCDOT released a funding schedule consisting of over 1,100 total projects. These projects were broken down by NCDOT Division (Division 5), and planning agency (CAMPO). The following projects have either been recently completed, are under construction, are scheduled to receive funding, or are targeted to receive funding sometime in the future.

US 401 North of Ligon Mill Road to NC 39 in Louisburg, widen to 4-lane median divided facility $183.8 MIL Section B-Under Construction                 Sections C/D-Unfunded, will cost $60.65 MIL
CEDAR CREEK RD Replace bridge No. 12 over Cedar Creek $2.2 MIL Under Construction
HOLDEN RD Replace Bridge No. 2 over Horse Creek $1.3 MIL COMPLETED
WES SANDLING RD Replace bridge No. 27 over Middle Creek $1.2 MIL COMPLETED
SUTTON RD Replace bridge No. 107 over Devil Cradle Creek $1.4 MIL In Development-2024
PERSON RD Replace bridge No. 52 over Sandy Creek $2.3 MIL In Development-2019
EAST RIVER RD Replace bridge No. 76 over Sycamore Creek $600,000 COMPLETED
BRANNON RD Replace bridge No. 90 over Norris Creek $1.3 MIL In Development-2020
US 1 Install median barrier from Wall Rd to the Vance County line $965,000 Under Construction
NC 56 Construct paved shoulders from Louisburg town limits to Franklinton town limits $2.4 MIL Under Construction

Franklin County is named in various other projects applied for through Division 5, CAMPO, and KTRPO regarding CMAQ, public transit projects, agency funding, purchase orders for existing projects, feasibility and environmental studies, etc. These projects are under construction, are scheduled to receive funding, or are targeted to receive funding sometime in the future. The list above are projects most likely to impact Franklin County residents on a daily basis.

Interactive Draft STIP Map