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Planning and Inspections

Certificate of Appropriateness

A Certificate of Appropriateness allows an owner of a property designated as a Historic Landmark, or is located in a Historic District to construct, alter, repair, rehabilitate, relocate, or demolish the structure. Major work requires approval from the Historic Preservation Commission. All work must meet the Secretary of the Interior's Guidelines Standards for Rehabilitation as discussed in The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.


1. Obtain Certificate of Appropriateness Packet and discuss with Planning Staff.  The packet will include: Checklist of  applicable workApplication, and Historic Preservation Commission deadlines and meeting dates.

2. Applicant is to fill out the application and provide the following as needed:

    • Narrative clearly describing the proposed work in detail, including a list of existing and proposed exterior materials.
    • Scaled Architectural Plans of the proposed work (if applicable) with dimensions.
    • Elevations of each façade that illustrate the appearance of any new construction. (If applicable)
    • Site Plans shall be prepared by a licensed engineer or surveyor with location and approximate size of all existing and proposed buildings and structures within the site and on the lots adjacent thereto, proposed points of access and egress and pattern of internal circulation, proposed lighting location and design, buffering, layout of parking spaces and type of proposed surfacing, proposed provision for storm drainage (including retention pond facilities, when applicable), approved by the Administrator, landscaping.

 3.  Planning Staff will prepare a staff report that will be sent to each Historic Preservation Commission member. 

  • Note: The report will contain a copy of the signed petition, a map prepared by the planning department, pictures of the property, the site plan, elevations, and other information that the applicant provides to support their request.

 4. Planning Staff will send a letter to all adjacent property owners informing them of the Public Meeting.

 5. Planning Staff will post the applicants property with a Public Meeting Sign two weeks prior to the meeting.

 6. The meeting will be held on the assigned date. 

  • Note: The applicant is expected to be in attendance to answer any questions and provide all information necessary as requested by the Board.
  • Note: In order for a Certificate of Appropriateness to be granted, a majority of the members present must vote in favor of the Certificate of Appropriateness.