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Planning and Inspections

Zoning Permit

This permit, issued by the Franklin County Planning Staff, allows the applicant to use or occupy a tract of land or a building; or to erect, install or alter a structure, building or sign situated in the jurisdiction of the County that fully meets the requirements of the Franklin County Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). All applicants are required to provide planning staff with a site plan of the property. Please see this Example Site Plan, and prepare one before coming to apply for a zoning permit.


1. Applicant should bring a site plan of their property to the Planning office. The site plan should include:

  • Dimensions of property lines.
  • Accurate locations (distances off of property lines and buildings) of all existing structures on the property.
  • Accurate locations of proposed additions and or new construction on the property.

2. Planning Staff will review the site plan supplied by the applicant to make sure that it meets UDO requirements.

3. Zoning Permit fees. There will be a fee based upon type of zoning permit issue. These fees will be collected before the zoning permit will be issued.

  • New Residential = $60.00 (SFD, Modular, Mobile Home).
  • Residential Additions = $30.00 (Accessory building, Decks, Room Additions).
  • Commercial = $85.00 (Signs, Businesses, Churches).