Planning and Inspections

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Planning and Inspections


1 Purpose and Authority  
2 Basic Definitions and Interpretations  
3 Permits and Procedures  
4 Establishment of Jurisdiction and Zoning Districts  
5-6 Application of General Regulations & District Regulations  
7-9 Conditional Uses, Special Use Permits, Table of Area, Yard, and Height Requirements & Special Uses  
10-13 Cluster Development & Planned Building Group Regulations & Manufactured Home and Recreational Vehicle Parks & Planned Unit Development (PUD)  
14 Landscaping and Screening  
15 Telecommunication Tower Regulations & Non-Commercial Telecommunications Tower Regulations  
16 Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements  
17 Signs  
18 Traffic Impact Study  



Flood Damage Prevention & Watershed Protection Overlay

Franklin County Stormwater Ordinance

21 Vested Right Provisions  
22 Airport Overlay District  
23-25 Appeals, Variances, Interpretations & Enforcement and Review  
26 Administrative Mechanisms  
27-29 General Provisions, Procedure for Review and Approval of Subdivision Plats, & Required Improvements and Minimum Standards of Design  
30-32 Flexible Development, Recreation Sites & Administrative Provisions  
I Instructions on How to Get a Building Permit
II Approved Species List
III Tree and Shrub Planting Detail
IV Flag Lot Figures
V Street Types
VI Park Development
VII Procedural Flow Charts

Franklin County Stormwater Ordinance

Franklin County Stormwater Ordinance Appendix


Stormwater Map Cover

B Stormwater Management Application-Form
C SWM Checklist
D Nutrient Calculation Worksheets 
E Nutrient Offset Payment Calculation Worksheet
F Operation Maintenance Legal Agreement
G BMP Operation Maintenance Forms
H BMP Supplement Forms
I Annual BMP Cetification Form
J Annual BMP Inspection Report
K Example Tar-Pam Conservation Easement
L 15A NCAC 2B 0258 Tar Pam Regulations
M The Nitrogen Cycle
N 15A NCAC 02B 0275 Falls Nutrient Rules
O Falls Lake Stormwater Load Accounting Tool Manual
P Illicit Discharge Screening Report Forms
Q Illicit Discharge Screening Report Letter
R Sample Public Education Action Plan & Report

DWQ Nutrient Reporting Form

Process Graphic