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Planning and Inspections

Special Use Permit

Special Uses add flexibility to the zoning ordinance by permitting potential undesirable uses of property in specified districts when certain conditions are met. The Board of Commissioners will review the Special Use Permit Application for approval. In addition, the Board of Commissioners may choose to place additional conditions on the permit to minimize any adverse effects the use may have on surrounding properties.  


1. Obtain Special Use Packet and discuss with Planning Staff. A complete application must be submitted six (6) weeks prior to the scheduled Board of Commissioners meeting. 

2. Applicant is to fill out the application. Be sure to provide as much information as possible. The applicant must submit 10 large paper copies (size 24” x 36”) and 10 small paper copies (size 11’ x 17”), along with an electronic copy of the site plan. All site plans for Special Use Permits shall be prepared by a licensed surveyor or engineer, with the minimum requirements listed below:

  • Topography: Topography of the site at contour intervals not greater than (10) feet.
  • Structure: Location and approximate size of all existing and proposed buildings and structures within the site and on the lots adjacent thereto.
  • Circulation: Proposed points of access and egress and pattern of internal circulation.
  • Lighting: Proposed lighting location and design.
  • Buffering: Shall be required.
  • Parking and Loading: Layout of parking spaces and type of proposed surfacing.
  • Drainage: Proposed provision for storm drainage (including retention pond facilities, when applicable), approved by the Administrator.
  • Landscaping if applicable.
  • Utilities: Location of all existing and proposed utilities if the development is to be serviced by public utilities including but not limited to water, sewer, and gas.

3. The applicant will need to bring the application back to the Planning Department before the deadline along with a $500.00 fee. The deadline will be three weeks prior to Planning Board meeting date.

  • Note: The fee must be paid with the submittal of the application.

4. Planning Staff will prepare a staff report that will be sent to the Clerk to the Board of Commissioners.

  • Note: The report will include a copy of the signed petition, a map prepared by the planning department, pictures of the property, the site map prepared by the applicant, and other information that the applicant provides to support their request.
  • Note: The Special Use Permit process can take 60 to 90 days, depending on when the Planning Department receives the completed application.

5. Planning Staff will send a letter all adjacent property owners informing them of the Public Hearing.

6. Planning Staff will post the applicants property with a Public Hearing Sign two weeks prior to the meeting.

7. The meeting will be held on the assigned date.

  • Note: The applicant is expected to be in attendance to answer any questions and provide all information necessary as requested by the Board.
  • Note: A majority vote is required to grant or deny the Special Use Permit request. 

8. The Board of Commissioners will meet the third Monday of the following month at 7:00 p.m. in the County Administration Building, located on 113 Market St. Applicant or authorized representative must attend Board of Commissioners meeting.