Planning and Inspections

(919) 496-2909 (Planning)
(919) 496-2281 (Inspections)

215 E. Nash St.
Louisburg, NC 27549

Planning and Inspections

Recombination/Minor Subdivision Process:

  1. Contact a Surveyor of your choice.
  2. Surveyor is to bring in one paper copy for staff to review.
  3. Allow Planning Staff a minimum of three days to review plat and return comments to surveyor.
  4. After Planning Staff review, surveyor should submit Mylar copy for Planning Staff endorsement.
  5. Review fee for a Recombination is     $75.00
    Review fee for a Minor Subdivision is $95.00
  6. After Review fee has been paid, take mylar copy to the Register of Deeds office located in the Hobgood Annex for recordation. The Address is:

    P.O. Box 545
    113 S. Main St.
    Louisburg, NC 27549.

Minor Sub with new RoadsMinor Sub with New Roads

  • Must be a minimum of 45' in width
  • 3 lots or more must list name of new private road
  • 4-5 lots: roads must meet DOT standards, 4" compacted stone, and plat must include engineer's certificate

Key InformationKey Information:

  • Sketch vicinity map showing relationship between subdivision and surrounding area.
  • Graphic Scale (Scale: 1"=200' or larger)
  • Magnetic North Arrow
  • Legend (Accurate location and description of all monuments and stakes)

Required CertificateRequired Certificate:

  • (Owner, Subdivision Administrator, Review Officer, Surveyor, Notary, Watershed.)

Size of SurveySize of Survey:

  • The survey is to be 18" X 24"

Plat Requirements:

  • Title, date, name, and location of Subdivision
  • Name of owner and registered surveyor
  • Name of the Subdivision
  • Township, County, and State
  • Current Zoning and Setbacks
  • Line and names of all streets and roads
  • Names and locations of adjoining subdivisions, streets, and location, ownership, and deed information of adjoining property
  • Dimensions shown to the nearest one-hundredth (1/100) of a foot and angles to nearest minute
  • Tie to NC Grid System or other pertinent monument

(If applicable: Watershed, Floodplain, 50 Foot Buffer on Perennial Stream.)