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Planning and Inspections

Major Subdivision Procedure


Step 1. Preliminary Plat

The procedure for the Preliminary Plat review follows the following timeline:

  • 6 weeks prior to the scheduled Planning Board meeting date submit preliminary subdivision plat. Please submit 10 large paper copies (size 24” x 36”) and 10 small paper copies (size 11’ x 17”), along with an electronic copy of the plat. These plans, the Development Review Application Form, and related fees (see fee schedule) shall be submitted simultaneously to the Franklin County Planning Department.
  • 2 weeks prior to the Planning Board meeting date the plans will be reviewed by the Technical Review Committee (TRC). The Planning Department will submit copies of the plat to the TRC and they will review the plat. Staff will forward any TRC comments to the applicant/developer.
  • Any revisions required to the Preliminary Subdivision plat should be done and new plans submitted to the Planning Department by 5:00 p.m. on the Friday following the TRC meeting.
  • Planning Board Meeting: Staff will present the subdivision and the Planning Board will approve (with or without conditions) or disapprove the preliminary plat. The applicant (or a representative) is required to attend the meeting.

Step 2. Technical Review Committee

The Franklin County Planning Staff will consult with the Technical Review Committee during the review process and shall provide the following agencies an opportunity to review and make recommendations concerning the proposed subdivision plat before it is presented to the Planning Board for approval. The Technical Review Committee consists of NC Department of Transportation, Franklin County School Superintendent, Soil Conservationist, Franklin County Economic Development Director, Franklin County Environmental Health Supervisor, Forestry Service, Emergency Management Services, Public Utilities, Tax Office/GIS, and Parks and Recreation.

Step 3. Planning Board Consideration

Upon completion of the TRC review and comment, any revisions required to the preliminary subdivision plat should be done and new plans submitted to the Planning Department by 5:00 p. m. on the Friday following the TRC meeting. A total of twenty-five (25) sets of revised plans must be submitted with twenty (20) of the twenty-five sets being 11x17 inches in size while in landscape format. The developer will also be responsible for submitting a set of plans in digital media either in JPEG or PDF format. All Planning Board meetings are held on the second (2nd) Tuesday of each month and begin at 7:00 pm in the Franklin County Administration Building, Second Floor Conference Room, 113 Market Street, Louisburg, NC. The Planning Board shall approve or disapprove the preliminary plat. Planning Board approval of the preliminary plat is authorization for the subdivider to proceed with the construction of improvements in preparation for submission of the final plat. If the Planning Board should disapprove the preliminary plat, the reasons for such action shall be stated and recommendations made on the basis of which the proposed subdivision would be approved. When a subdivision is to be developed in phases, the preliminary plat shall be submitted for the entire development. A final plat shall be submitted for each phase. The first final plat shall be submitted within twenty-four (24) months after approval of the preliminary plat; otherwise, the preliminary plat shall become null and void, unless an extension of time is applied for and granted by the Planning Board.

Step 4. Final Plat Recordation

After the improvements shown on the approved preliminary plat have been installed, or guaranteed, for the whole or portion of a subdivision, the applicant shall submit a final plat of the area covered by such improvements. At this time, all associated fees such as review fees, water and sewer acreage, capacity, TarPamlico Nutrient Control stormwater, and recreation payment-in-lieu, shall be paid. It is recommended that a paper copy of the plat be submitted to Planning Department for preliminary review so as to make sure all is correct.