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Parks & Recreation

Code of Conduct
Franklin County Parks & Recreation

Franklin County Parks & Recreation activities are made available to youth and adults to enjoy fun and wholesome recreational programming that teaches character and sportsmanship. FCPR supports the belief that all recreational programming and experiences should be positive and safe with sportsmanship and enjoyment the primary goal. To achieve this goal, FCPR strives to provide a safe environment for participants of these programs and to protect them from harm to the best of our abilities. To that end, all participants and spectators must be held accountable for their behavior and zero tolerance given for intentional violation of this Code of Conduct.


  • Treat all parties involved with dignity and respect.
  • Use appropriate language, tones and volume when communicating. When in doubt, remain silent.
  • Become knowledgeable, understanding and supportive of all established guidelines, rules, policies and procedures applicable to related programming.
  • Recognize/acknowledge FCPR programming as a privilege that can be rescinded for the greater good.


Players' Code of Conduct

Parents' Code of Conduct

Coaches' Code of Conduct