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Welcome to the Franklin County Library’s Summer Reading Program: Imagine Your Story.  Our theme this year is folk and fairytales.  There are so many wonderful stories from around the world. Some you may be familiar with like Puss in Boots or Sleeping Beauty.  Many you may not be familiar with because there are thousands of variations of stories out there.  Did you know that one of the earliest versions of Cinderella is from ancient Greece?  You may have even seen some of these tales made into movies, but at the library, we always think the book is better. 

This summer we hope you and your families will share some of your favorites with each other and seek out some new (to you) stories as well.  We will be sharing some of our favorite stories online each week and will have a craft that goes along with those stories, the materials for which you can arrange to pick up curbside at the library.  If you would like a selection of folk and fairytales for your own story time at home, you can call your library and request that as well (please give us at least 24 hours’ notice).

This summer we are doing things a little different from how we have done the Summer Reading Program in the past.  This year, we are handing out the bags with the reading logs and other fun stuff when you arrange a curbside appointment.  This year we will not be asking for the reading logs back, they are strictly for your records.  We have packaged up the crafts so you can easily finish them at home.  The instructions for all the crafts are in the bag with the reading log, but replacement instructions are available.  We are also putting that week’s “attendance” sticker in with that week’s craft.  You can put that week’s sticker on your reading log.

We hope you will enjoy our efforts and your summer.  We hope you all stay safe and healthy.

Thank you,

Christy Allen

Franklin County Youth Services Librarian

Imagine Your Story Videos Below

Week 1- Dragon Eggs

Week 2- Fire Breathing Eggs

Week 3- Enchanted Mirrors

Week 4 Royal Crowns

Week 5 Rock Trolls

Week 6 Legendary Swords

Week 7 Charmed Rings 

Week 8 Fanciful Fairies

Week 9 Fantastic Boats

Week 10 Magic Beans