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Human Resources

It's All About You and Your Health!


All employees on Franklin County Government's payroll who are eligible to receive benefits may participate in the W.O.W. Employee Wellness Program. While participation is strictly voluntary, Franklin County strongly encourages all employees to participate. The majority of programs are conducted during normal working hours. The wellness coordinator will try to maximize convenience for employees and to minimize disruption of work activities. When possible, programs are limited to one hour or less and may be offered at various sites. The wellness coordinator may also tailor programs to suit a department's specific needs.


The majority of activities are provided at no cost or at a shared cost between Franklin County and the employee. However, a minimal fee may be charged to cover the cost of implementing special programs or to serve as an incentive to participate.

Employee Responsibility

The risk identification activities may identify health problems in individual employees. Once identified, a more appropriate health care provider should manage such problems. The Wellness Program should not be confused with an employee health service and will not provide evaluation or treatment of any specific health problems.