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About Franklin County Working on Wellness

Why W.O.W.?

W.O.W. Mission: The mission of Franklin County W.O.W. is to promote overall wellness for all Franklin County employees.

What is W.O.W.?

Working on Wellness is a comprehensive Wellness Program available to Franklin County employees. Various wellness programs are offered throughout the year that are designed to help discover, educate and create awareness of unknown health risks.

Program Components

Working on Wellness gives you the opportunity to evaluate your lifestyle behaviors by completing a Health Risk Assessment Profile, taking part in health screenings offered throughout the year, and various other educational and fitness opportunities. Employees also have free access to the Wellness Center, which is located at 107 Industrial Drive, Louisburg, North Carolina. Educational materials are available so that you can learn ways to minimize risk factors linked with preventable diseases and illnesses. Programs include wellness seminars, lunch and learn sessions, dietary counseling through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, and incentive programs.

Why Should I Participate in W.O.W.?

  • Gain a better understanding of your current physical, mental and social well-being
  • Improve communications with your personal physician by providing information on your current Health Risk Assessment, your personal health plan goals, and progress in meeting your goals
  • Obtain helpful information from the Wellness Program on many fitness opportunities available