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Human Resources

Wage and Salary Plan

There are two components of the Wage and Salary Plan: Position Classification and Pay Plan.

Position Classification

The position classification plan provides a complete inventory of all authorized and regular positions in County service and an accurate description and specification for each class of employment. The plan standardizes job titles, each of which is indicative of a definite range of duties and responsibilities. All positions covered by the personnel policy are to be classified according to the assigned duties, responsibilities, qualifications needed, and other required factors.

Pay Plan

The pay plan includes the Salary Schedule and the assignment of classes to salary grades and ranges adopted by the County Commissioners. The salary schedule consists of a Hiring Rate, Minimum, Midpoint, and Maximum for each job classification.

The pay plan is intended to provide equitable compensation for all positions, reflecting differences in duties and responsibilities, the comparable rates of pay for positions in public employment in the area, changes in the cost of living, the financial conditions of the County, and other factors.

(Current Pay Plan)