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Planning now on how you and your family would respond to any emergency, whether at home, school, work or in transit, will help you and your family remain calm, think clearly and react appropriately to any disaster scenario. Your plans should include the following:

  • Phone numbers of a pre-designated contact person for family members to call should you become separated.
  • Locations of emergency shelters.
  • Locations of shelters for pets.
  • How to be safe if you remain in your home during a disaster

Be sure to assemble an emergency preparedness kit and keep it in a convenient, readily accessible location. You should have one for your home, office and automobile. Self-preparedness not only increases you and your family's ability to survive, but also reduces the workload of first responders, emergency medical services, fire fighters and law enforcement.


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Special Needs Registry

In addition, the Franklin County Office of Emergency Services is building its special needs registry, trying to identify and list those who may need some extra care and assistance when power fails.

Those in need could be on oxygen or rely on regular breathing therapy, bed-ridden or just need the comfort of being checked on during bad weather or other emergency.

The registry is for any citizen who may have a need for service to protect his health and well-being.

Special Needs Registry Form