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Private Well Water Testing Program


Access to a quality water source is vital to human development and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Some water quality issues are easy to detect, while others are colorless, orderless and detectable only by lab analysis. To be sure your water is safe, it should be sampled and tested for contaminants periodically. Newly constructed wells are tested for bacteria and 17 inorganic parameters as a part of the well permit. Franklin County Environmental Health Services offers well water sampling and testing for existing wells to the citizens in the county. If you are experiencing water quality issues with your well water, or have safe drinking water concerns, contact Environmental Health Services to speak with a specialist.

Please refer to the department fee schedule for the cost associated with each sample. 

Bacteriological testing

  • Bacteria are found thoughout the environment, and most types of bacteria are considered harmless to humans. For a water source to be considered safe however, the  well and plumbing system must be absent of all bacteria. Bacteria can be introduced into a water system anytime repairs, maintanence, or damage occurs. If a sample indicates the presence of bacteria in a water system, chlorination is recommended.

Inorganic parameters testing

  • Inorganic ground water contaminants above recommended levels can create a variety aesthetic water quality issues, but also could contribute to human developmental and health problems. Inorganic water samples test for; arsenic, barium, cadmiun, calcium, chromium, copper, flouride, hardness, iron, lead, magnesium, manganese, mercury, selenium, silver, sodium, zinc, and pH levels. If any of the inorganic parameters are found to be above recommended limits, a water treatment units is usually the recommended method for correction.

The samples listed above can be collected by an individual for a reduced fee. You may pick up the sample container at the Environmental Health Services office any week day and return the sample to the office for processing Monday through Wednesday. An Environmental Health Specialist can also come to your property and collect the sample if you desire. The water samples listed below require specific handling conditions, so they must be collected by Environmental Health Services staff.


Iron Bacteria

Sulfur Bacteria



Petroleum Products

Volatile Organic Compounds  


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