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Health Department

The private drinking water well construction and water sampling program ensures that drinking water supplies are properly located, constructed, protected, and sampled in order to avoid potential illness. All new wells must be permitted before construction begins. A safe well location, free of any potential pollutants or possible flooding, is selected. During construction the well is inspected as the grouting is poured. When the well is completed another inspection determines compliance of the well head. At this time the well is sampled for bacteriological quality and 17 inorganic parameters. Drinking water quality is also monitored by taking water samples from any existing wells at the owners request. As with new wells, samples are analyzed for indicator organisms, fecal and total coliforms, which will determine the quality of the water source, and whether or not it is potentially contaminated and safe for consumption. Sampling can also be done for inorganics, organics, petroleum products, pesticides, etc. Assistance is also given for chlorination of contaminated wells. In order to test for bacteria, the well must be properly constructed and protected from any potential sources of contamination. Refer to fee schedule (link) for any applicable fees..

For any applicable fees refer to fee schedule.

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