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Health Department

Environmental Health also conducts other activities that do not fall under one of the programs above. Some of these activities, as do the other programs, require opening inspections as well as routine inspections for sanitation in order to protect the public health and prevent the spread of communicable diseases. The environmental health specialist routinely inspects the following facilities at the listed frequency.

  • Migrant Labor Camps (Annually)
  • Swimming Pools, Wading Pools (Annually)
  • Tattoo Artist (Annually)

Environmental Health also participates in the investigation of communicable diseases (including foodborne and waterborne illnesses) when the mode of transmission may be environmentally related. Disease prevention measures and methods of control are instituted when necessary. Interviews are conducted and food samples are collected (if available) in order to determine the source of the outbreak. Education is then provided so that future outbreaks may be avoided.

Environmental Health conducts complaint investigations on various issues. If the complaint is valid, it is determined which, if any, Environmental Health laws and rules are applicable. Then, steps are taken to eliminate the problem/condition. Occasionally, the County Attorney is consulted and becomes involved. If the complaint does not come under the jurisdiction of the local health department, contact information is provided for the proper agency.

Other areas that Environmental Health gets involved in do not have laws and rules that regulate them. The areas of environmental concern are indoor air quality, mold, vector control, vector diseases, disaster relief, bioterrorism, homeland security, etc. In these areas, the environmental health specialist typically takes questions and give out information and recommendations as appropriate. Web sites that address these concerns are often given. Some on these sites are below.

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