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On-Site Water Protection Program

Well and Septic System Permits

Franklin County Environmental Health provides site evaluation, permitting, and inspection services of  septic systems and wells in Franklin County, NC. The department also provides consultation, and repair permits, for malfuctioning septic systems and damaged wells. See the descriptions below for more information pertaining to these services. 

Requesting a copy of a permit

Franklin County Environmental Health retains well and septic system permits issued in Franklin County. Please contact the department by phone or email to obtain a copy of a septic or well permit. Helpful information to locate the permit is:

  • When the permit was isssued and if the septic system or well is installed.
  • ANY and ALL names (including builder or developer) that may be associated with the permit 
  • location of the property (911 address, subdivision and lot number, property PIN number, property tax ID number) 

Obtaining a Permit for New Construction or Renovations/Additions

How to apply:

Applications for a new well or septic system permit, and existing septic system inspection, are filed at the Franklin County Planning and Inspections office. The property owner, or an authorized agent of the property owner, must complete the application.   A site plan (site plan worksheet) or plat must be included with the application. The site plan is not required to be to scale, but should be representative of the site. It must show the property lines, the exisiting and desired site features, and measurements of both.  The application is valid for one year from the date of issuance. Any related fees are due at the time of application.

New septic system or well

The site must be prepared before scheduling a site evaluation (site prep instructions). Contact Franklin County Environmental Services by phone or email to notify the department the site is prepared and ready for evaluation. You may schedule an appointment time to be on site with the specialist while the evaluation is conducted. If you choose not to be on site, the specialist will contact you if there are any questions or problems with the site, or, complete the permit and send it to the contact information supplied.

Existing septic system inspection

Different types of property improvments may require an inspection of an exisitng septic system for a reuse, expansion, compliance, or relocation septic permit. A site plan must be provided showing the proposed improvement. Exisiting septic system inspections are required for:

  • mobile home replacement
  • use of an exisiting septic system for a new home
  • renovations or additions where the number of bedrooms/occupants increase
  • additions where the footprint of the structure is increased
  • construction of detached garages or outbuildings
  • in ground swimming pool
  • other regulatory compliance certifications (ex. Lake Royale POA or local muncipality approval)

After application submittal. contact Franklin County Environmental Health to be put on schedule for an inspection. If the proposed improvement is permissible, the permit will verify approval or will specify actions to be taken to make the proposed project in compliance.

Septic system or Well Repair permit

If you are experiencing problems with your septic system or well, contact Franklin County Environmental Health Services to talk with a specialist about the nature of your problem. Occasionally, homeowner septic or well problems can be solved over the phone. Usually, a visit must be made to the property to diagnose the problem and recommend solutions. If a repair permit is needed, a specialist can help with the application process. A well repair permit is not required for replacement of a well pump or plumbing repairs.

Operations permit (Installation inspections)

Contractors are responsibile for notifying Environmental Health Services of the need for a septic system installation, well grout, or well head inspection. Septic system installers, well drillers, and plumbers should call the day before, but no later than 9:00am the day of, the desired inspection. Specialist will inspect the installation for compliance with applicable NC laws and rules, as well as compliance with any permit conditions. 

New well water testing

All new wells in North Carolina must be sampled to test for bacteriological quality and 17 inorganic parameters. There is no charge for inital new well sampling. Once well construction is complete, allow the water to run until the chlorine residual (left from construction) has dissipated. If there is some time between well construction and well use there may be no chlorine residual present. When there is no chlorine residual, contact Environmental Health Services to schedule a time to conduct the sampling.

Contractor certifications 

An individual must be licensed in the state of North Carolina to provide maintenance, installation, repair, and private inspection services for septic systems and wells. A licensed plumber may also provide pump and plumbing maintainance and disinfection services for wells.

NC Onsite Wastewater Contractor/Inspector Certification Board 

NC Well Driller Certification Board



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