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Health Department

The Food, Lodging, & Institutional Sanitation Program helps to ensure the public that establishments operating in Franklin County meet the minimum standards as required by the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Inspections include the level of cleanliness, food handling practices, and proper food protection during preparation, storage, and transportation. After inspection, each establishment receives a grade card with a grade of A, B, or C, as well as a numerical score. Operators are required to display the grade card in a prominent location for the public to see. Environmental health specialists also work with owners and management in plan review before a permit is issued for a new establishment or the re-opening of an existing establishment.

Environmental health specialists routinely inspect the following establishments at the listed frequency.

  • Restaurants, Food Stands, Mobile Food Units, Push Carts, Limited food establishments; (Inspected quarterly)
  • Temporary Food Establishments; (Inspected and permitted for (15) fifteen days of operation per event, no further inspection.)
  • Meat Markets; (Inspected quarterly)
  • Hospitals, Nursing and Rest homes; (Inspected semi-annually)
  • Local Confinement; (Inspected annually)
  • Hotels, Motels, Bed & Breakfast homes and inns; (Inspected annually)
  • Summer Camps, Primitive Camps; (Inspected annually)
  • Migrant Camps; (Inspected annually)
  • Swimming Pools; (Inspected annually)
  • Tattoo Parlors; (Inspected annually)

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