Health Department

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107 Industrial Drive, Suite C
Louisburg, NC 27549

Health Department

The Board of Health operates as the governing body of the Department of Public Health. The Board's objective is to provide oversight and approval of the Health Department's policies, procedures, establish rules, ordinances and budgeting.  The Board's goal is to assure that the services provided by the Health Department best meets the needs of our community and protects and promotes public health.

Board of Health Members: The Board of Health consist of 11 members selected by Franklin County Board of Commissioners. The Board must have representation from the following professions: pharmacist, physician, dentist, registered nurse, engineer, commissioner, optometrist, veterinarian, as well as three members representing the general public. The Board of Health members are:

  • Dr. Philip Meador, MD-Dermatologist, Chairman
  • Cedric Jones, Sr., Commissioner
  • Dr. Cletus Simpson, Licensed Dental Representative
  • Tiffany Patterson, Engineer
  • Buffy Broughton,RN - Nurse
  • Ronald Goswick, Member at Large 
  • Cynthia Anderson, Member at Large
  • Betsy Hunt, Member at Large
  • Vacant - Veterinarian
  • Vacant- Optometrist

Board of Health General Meetings and Minutes: The Board of Health generally meets every two months. The meetings are at  6:30 p.m. at the Department of Public Health and are open to the public. Special Board of Health meetings, workshops, and conferences may be scheduled throughout the year.

To verify Board meeting schedules, or to request the minutes from past Board of Health meetings, please contact Administration at 107 Industrial Dr., Suite C, Louisburg, NC 27549 or 919-496-8110.