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Emergency Communications

The Beginning of 911 in Franklin County

  • May 29, 1958: Police Radio Tower was installed in Franklinton at PD/FD.  Links with Louisburg PD, Youngsville PD, Sheriff's Office & Rescue.
  • January 1, 1959: A special committee appointed by the Board of County Commissioners recommended the purchase of a complete new high narrow band radio system for the county.
  • June 2, 1959: New rescue alarm goes into effect (NOT to be confused with the National Guard Emergency Signal). The Sheriff and Louisburg PD chief appeal to the people to give Fire Department and Rescue the right away.  Local Louisburg Law requires all traffic to pull to the curb, whether there was an Emergency Vehicle or not, come to a complete stop and sit still for 5 minutes following the sounding of the General Alarm.
  • July 9, 1959: County ok's new radios (civil defense matched funds). Total cost $3,700.00.
  • October 13, 1960: Louisburg Rescue gets 71st call for the year.
  • January 5, 1961: Centerville gets phone lines.
  • January 31, 1961: For Assistance, the public has to call the Fire Department & Rescue buildings directly.
  • April 6, 1961: Centerville FD & Rescue get their first call after 62 days of inactivity.
  • August 8, 1961: New Non-Emergency number for Louisburg PD/FD for routine calls, GY6-1200. Persons using the old number for anything other than Emergencies will be asked to hang up and call the other number.
  • Year 1971: Louisburg Rescue has a total of 425 Calls (Information from The Franklin Times dated 1-2-73; 14 less than 1972).
  • July 10, 1972: (PIN) system (Police Information Network) is a full time, 24 hour operation, located at the Sheriff's office with several toll free numbers for all in the county residents to contact.  Posters were passed out stating not to call your local PD direct with the phone numbers listed. However, Leo Edwards, Franklinton PD Chief, had the line deleted for flyers in his area. He wanted the "Public to call the Franklinton PD Directly feeling it would save time, cost, and would leave less chance for error since the information would not have to go through so many channels." However, if for any reason the Franklinton PD could not be reached by phone, then to use the emergency number.
  • Year 1973: Louisburg Rescue has a Total of 439 Calls (1-2-73), Franklinton Rescue has a Total of 285 Calls (1-9-73), and Louisburg FD 63 Alarms, 24 out of town(out of town calls tripled), 6 false alarms (1-16-73).
  • May 22, 1973: Believe at this time there was an upgrade of the (PIN) System. The Upgrade includes 24 hour radio and telephone dispatching services.  It will also provide direct contact with Regional, State, and Nationwide Law Enforcement agencies at all levels. Countywide uniform internal records system, computerized on (PIN).  Also, there will be one central Zenith telephone number to call toll free county-wide for law enforcement services. Plans call for hiring three additional civilian dispatchers and utilizing Sheriff Dement's Office Deputy, which will allow the four dispatchers to work 8 hour shifts, with the fourth dispatcher working relief, which will provide 24/7 service.  The dispatch center will be temporarily located in the Sheriff's Office in the Courthouse under the direction of the Sheriff, but to be considered county employees and to receive all the Fringe Benefits thereof.  It will be permanently located in the Jail once it is completed. Total project cost: $25,951.00 of which 25% ($6,488.00) was paid by the County, $19,463.00 paid by Federal Grant.

    At this time, Franklin County's Population is: 26,697. The project is planned for full scale implementation by July 1, 1973, and to be continued for 12 months on a trial basis.  After 12 months, if the project is successful, then law and order funds will be sought for an additional 12 months.  After the 2 yr. experimental period under the grant, and if the project then proves successful, it will be up to the participating units of local governments to assume full financial responsibility for continuation of the project.  Many visitors have been amazed already at the speed and accuracy of this information center.
  • June 26, 1973: The New Dispatch Center was scheduled to go into operation July 1st.  The public is cautioned that the phone numbers could be used to reach law enforcement agencies only, and NOT Rescue or Fire Department.  All calls will be toll free and will be billed to the Sheriff's Office.  Sheriff William Dement will be the Director.
  • August 30, 1973: Bunn Rescue, Yearly total of calls is 82.
  • September 11, 1973:  New Dispatcher and Crime Reporter starts at the Franklin County Sheriff's Office.
  • November 29, 1973: Louisburg Rescue is 25 yrs. old. They are the 2nd or 3rd oldest squad in the State. Dispatched through the Fire Department by means of the telephone alert system and Air Horn.
  • December 20, 1973: Louisburg Rescue is in the process of switching over to an all Radio Alarm System, "Pagecoms".
  • July 16, 1974: Pilot FD has their 1st Call.
  • July 18, 1974: Youngsville Rescue gets their 1st Pagers.
  • October, 1974: Youngsville Rescue receives lot for building.
  • January 16, 1975:Calls reported for 1974, Franklin County Sheriff's Office Totals: Homicide - 7, Rape - 3, Robbery - 2, Breaking & Entering (B&E) - 108, Larceny - 78, Auto Theft - 11, Assault - 116. Louisburg Police Department Totals:  Homicide - 5, Robbery - 5, Assault - 20, Burglary - 9, Larceny - 50.
  • April 8, 1975: Rescue asks for a radio system. Board discussed the necessity of a Grant Application through EMS, which would allow the County's Rescue services to be alerted through the County Radio Dispatcher.  Same would cost the county $2,000.00 if a 50% Matching Grant by EMS is approved.  The system would be step 1 in affording the county with complete ambulance services.
  • January 8, 1976: The Sheriff's Departments New Emergency Communications Center will assume most of the duties of the county's Fire Departments and Rescue Squads, Tuesday, January 13, formerly handled by Louisburg FD.  This will include calls for Youngsville FD, Youngsville Rescue, Bunn FD, Bunn Rescue, Pilot FD, Justice FD, Centerville FD, Centerville Rescue, Epsom FD, Mitchiners FD and Louisburg Rescue. Exceptions will be Louisburg  FD, Franklinton FD and Franklinton Rescue, which will continue to dispatch its own units. 

    There will be a certain amount of testing to assure that everything is working properly. "Also we would like to ask the public to work with the New Emergency Service Dispatchers while they become familiar with their new duties..... Don't hang up your telephone until you are sure the Dispatcher has all the information he/she needs and the Dispatcher hangs up" cautioned Johnson.
  • January 22, 1976: County-wide system operational. Calls are received for the whole count,y except for Franklinton & Louisburg.  If necessary, we could do them too. The alarm is given from here.  A new procedure is the taping of all radio messages and calls to the emergency number.  This permits replay to clarify any confusion resulting from an excited caller.  Unless important, these tapes are erased and reused after 30 days.  Another NEW feature the (PIN) System gives us is instant contact with the NC DMV, the SBI and the FBI all connected to computers in Raleigh and Washington, DC.  Information can be requested and received within seconds. Every Sheriff's Office in NC now uses (PIN). The machines are rented for $1,800.00 annually.

    Other improvements include 16 new mobile units in the cars and 10 walkie-talkies.  The base station at the county landfill features a 200ft tower, which has greatly expanded the communications capability. Now direct contact with the State Highway Patrol (SHP) and with other counties is possible. In case of a power failure, AUX generators at the tower and in the basement of the Correctional Center are available.
  • April 6, 1976: Installation of a citizens band transceiver in the Emergency Communications Center set for Monday at the request of the Franklin County Firemen Association and the Sheriff's Office.  This will allow the dispatcher to monitor the channel 9 emergency frequency and enable a faster response to calls since CB Radios have received increased activity in personal use.  Same was donated. Two Antennas on the water tower on the Louisburg College Campus had been struck by lightning and would need to be replaced before it could be put to use in the Fire-Rescue Network. County-wide Communications is serviced by Piedmont Communications. Sum of $300.00 for the replacement of antenna includes installation.
  • April 13, 1976: A CB Radio has been installed and Sheriff Dement is encouraged by the increased participation of the County Residents in efforts to report crime and emergency situations and hopes residents will not take undue advantage of the system.  
  • May 13, 1976: Franklinton Rescue has 15 new beepers at a cost of about $4,500.00 and may improve response time.

(This information was gathered from a Franklin Times microfiche at the Franklin County Library.)