Emergency Communications

(919) 496-2511
287 T Kemp Rd.
Louisburg, NC 27549

Emergency Communications

Communications Center Equipment

Our 911 Center's current computer aided dispatch system (CAD) has been operational since 2002. The system allows for effective dispatching of emergency & non-emergency calls to all of the various Police, Sheriff, Fire & E.M.S. agencies dispatched by the Center. The system has built in software interfaces with mapping features which plots the location of incoming 911 calls from either wireline or wireless (cellular) telephones and enables the telecommunicator to provide important cross street information to responders. The N.C. Division Of Criminal Information, The National Crime Information Center (NCIC), Medical Priority ProQa Software and mobile data terminals used by the various public safety agencies. The telecommunicator is able to fax incident information to all of the volunteer fire & rescue departments. The system will allow additionally for alpha-numeric paging.

  • 4 E-911 Telephone Consoles – (5) 911 trunks, 8 admin lines per position
  • CAD – 4 positions
  • Tri- County Viper 800 mhz Radio System  
  • 4 VHF Radio Consoles
  • EMD,EFD & EPD Dispatch cards/ PRO QA at each console
  • Our Mapping system is viewed on a Sony 42" Flat Screen monitor.

Radio and Phone Recording System:
Our 911 Center is equipped with call recorders that record all audio of incoming telephone calls and radio transmissions.

 Radio System:     
TowerThe County V.H.F. Radio System allows for the transmission and receiving  of  radio signals from (4) tower sites. Our primary radio tower site is a 300 foot tower located at the Franklin County Sheriff's Office just off T-Kemp Rd in Louisburg, with three additional tower sites throughout the county. We have a paging tower in the Northeast part of the county, this tower is for better paging capabilities in that part of the county. We also have a backup tower at Franklin Regional Medical Center for backup paging. We also have paging capabilites from Louisburg Fire Department and Franklinton Fire Department that we use in natural disasters, or in the event of our main 911 center going down.