Emergency Communications

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Emergency Communications
    • Have your alarm installed by a qualified company.  

    • If you accidentally set off your alarm, let your alarm company know immediately; know and be ready to provide your password. DO NOT CALL 9-1-1 TO CANCEL AN ALARM - YOU MUST CONTACT YOUR ALARM COMPANY!  

    • Make sure all alarm users and key-holders are trained to use the system and know the codes to arm and disarm the system; including how to cancel a false alarm.

    • Do not leave anything that will move (pets, plants, balloons, drapes, blinds, etc.) in a room protected by a motion detector. Ensure there are no drafts which may move items in these rooms.   

    • Set entry and exit door alarms to have at least a 45 second delay before they activate.

    • Be sure that doors and windows are tight fitting. Adjust hinges and strike plates so the door only moves ¼ inch when pulled or pushed.   

    • Lock all protected doors and windows. Do not leave doors and windows open or unlocked while you are away. Be sure all doors and  windows are properly closed and locked prior to arming the alarm system.

    • Inspect your motion detectors, door and window contacts, alarm screens or any other alarm component for dust, spider webs, moisture or anything else that might interfere with proper operation.   

    • Have the sensitivity setting on motion detectors and glass-break sensors adjusted so that inadvertent sounds or items do not activate them.

    • Ensure your alarm company has more than one phone number to reach you or someone you designate when possible.

    • Call your alarm company after each false alarm to determine the cause of the alarm. You may continue to have false alarms until the problem is addressed.   

    • Alarm system equipment should be routinely inspected and maintained by qualified personnel.

    • Notify your alarm company of any and all changes (e.g. name changes, new employees, termination of employees, unscheduled  business openings and closings, etc.)