NACo Prescription Drug Discount Card

Franklin County is pleased to announce its participation in the Prescription Drug Discount Card Online 24x7! Follow the "Print a Card Now" link at the bottom of this page.


Franklin County is pleased to reintroduce the prescription discount drug card program to help ALL County residents deal with the high costs of prescription drugs. The free Prescription Drug Discount Card, sponsored by the National Association of Counties (NACo) and CVS Caremark, allows any county resident to save an average of 22 percent off the retail price of prescribed pharmaceutical drugs, including pet medications.

The NACo prescription discount card offers significant savings for the uninsured or underinsured residents of Franklin County. Those with existing prescription drug coverage either through individual insurance plans or Medicare can use the card to save money on medication not covered under their insurance plans. Any Franklin County resident, regardless of age, income or existing medical conditions is eligible for the program. To enroll, simply pick up a discount card either at an Franklin County office or a participating pharmacy.  There is no enrollment form or membership fee, and one card will cover an entire family - even the family pet!

There is no cost to you or to Franklin County to participate in this program. Remember, this is not an insurance plan, and residents can only receive for prescription drug savings at participating pharmacies.

Common Questions About the NACo Prescription Drug Discount Cards

How Does It Work?
Visit any participating pharmacy or most Franklin County office to pick up a free prescription drug discount card. Present your card to any participating pharmacy when filling or refilling a prescription. Everyone in your family can use the same discount card. You can use your card to start saving immediately. Remember - this is NOT insurance; it is a prescription discount program that provides immediate discounts at the pharmacy. There are no claim forms to fill out and no limits to the number of times you or your family can use the card. Drug discounts are available only at participating pharmacies.

How Much Will I Save?
Discounts vary depending on pharmacy and the drug itself. To see an estimated savings, log onto and click "Check Drug Cost" in the right navigational sidebar.

Can I Use My Card To Get Discounts on Over-The-Counter Medications?
Not usually, but discounts are available for many diabetic supplies.

Can I Really Use This Card For My Pet Medication?
Yes! Ask your veterinarian to call your pet's prescription in to a participating pharmacy.

Can I Use My Drug Discount Card With My Current Insurance/Medicare Plan?
This card cannot be used in conjunction with an existing insurance or Medicare plan, but you can use your card to purchase pharmaceuticals NOT already covered by your existing plan.

How Much It Cost?
Unlike many other card programs, there is no enrollment cost or membership fee to participate in the NACo drug discount card program. Your prescription discount card is provided to you free of charge by Franklin County. Thanks to partnerships with the National Association of Counties and CVS Caremark, this program comes at no charge to either Franklin County or to county taxpayers.

Will Any Of My Information Be Shared?
Cardholder information remains confidential and will not be released or sold to a third-party for any reason at any time.

Are There Any Additional Benefits To The Program?
Yes! The program has a safety feature that alerts pharmacists when one drug may conflict with another medication the cardholder is taking. This only applies to prescriptions obtained with the NACo drug discount card. Additionally the NACo drug discount card program remains a useful option now that Medicare Part D has been implemented. For example, the card can be used when a Medicare Part D plan doesn't cover a drug.