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    Welcome to Franklin County


    Franklin County Cooperative Extension has received a grant from the North Carolina Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund to assist with conducting a feasibility study for a Farmers Market facility in Franklin County. Funding for this study has also been provided by the local Franklin County Farm Bureau Board of Directors. The study will be conducted by representatives from the Lois G. Britt Agribusiness Center at the University of Mount Olive. The scope of services to be determined, but not limited to, include the following:

    • Determine market supply focusing on local agricultural product supply.
    • Determine consumer demand based on population data and consumer demand.
    • Determine the feasibility and demand for product diversification.
    • Determine market option feasibility – stand alone, existing, temporary.
    • Determine feasibility of complimentary facilities – cooler, kitchen, meeting space.
    • Identify potential locations non-specific to tract.
    • Identify potential partners.
    • Identify potential funding sources.
    • Evaluate the impact to farmland retention and transition in Franklin County.

    Please come visit our Franklin County Farmers' Market located at the Shannon Village Shopping Center in Louisburg.

      False Alarm Ordinance

    On August 3rd, 2015, the Franklin County Board of Commissioners adopted a False Alarm Ordinance. This action became necessary due to the excessive number of false alarms reported to the 911 center. In fact, 98 percent of all alarm calls are found to be false, costing thousands of dollars of Public Safety services each year. Read More....