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Registered Motor Vehicle FAQ

Q: Why do I have a block on my license plate renewal, and how can I have it removed?

A: A block will be placed on a license plate if the tax bill has not been paid.  Once the tax bill is paid, the block will be removed.

Q: I have sold my registered vehicle.  How may I remove it from my tax records?

A: The license plate will not be renewed, so no new tax bills will be generated for this vehicle.  You may be eligible for a proration on the tax bill if the license plate was turned in to the DMV; contact the Tax Assessor’s Office for more information.

Q: I received a tax bill from a county in which I do not live.  What should I do about this?

A: If you received a tax bill on a vehicle license plate and you do not live in the county that sent the bill, please contact that county to make them aware that there has been an error.  The information will be transferred to the correct taxing county, and you will receive a bill from that county within one to two weeks.  However, if you lived in the county that sent the tax bill to you at the time of license plate renewal and subsequently moved to another county, the county in which you resided at the time of the license plate renewal is the correct taxing county.

Q:  I purchased a new vehicle, but I received a tax bill for my old vehicle.  I transferred the tag from the old vehicle to the new one.  Do I still owe this bill?

A: This bill is still due because vehicle tax bills are based on the vehicle that the license plate was on at the time of license plate renewal.  You will receive a bill for the new vehicle next year after your annual renewal.

Q: I just received a bill for a vehicle that I recently purchased.  I thought I paid the taxes when I purchased the vehicle.

A: The taxes that were paid when you purchased the vehicle were state taxes.  The bill which you have received from Franklin County Tax Office is for the county taxes which are due four months after the new tag is issued.  A county tax bill will be generated each year after your license plate is renewed; it will cover the 12-month period from the date the license plate is issued until it expires.

Q: Can I contact the Tax Office to have the mailing address changed for my vehicle bill?

A: You will need to contact the DMV office to change your mailing address because the Tax Office  gets that information directly from DMV.

Q: I disagree with the value of my vehicle which is on my tax bill.  How may I dispute this?

A: You may appeal the value of your vehicle within one month of your bill date.  You will need contact the Tax Assessor’s Office to appeal the value.  You may be eligible for a high mileage discount or a discount for permanent body damage; call the Tax Assessor’s Office for more information at (919) 496-1397.

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