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Do real estate tax rates go down when the owner reaches 65? Is there a senior citizen discount?

- Daniel A.


There is a senior exclusion available to those that qualify.  The basic requirements are: 

  1. A permanent residence owned and occupied by a qualifying owner
  2. The qualifying owner is at least 65 years of age or totally and permanently disabled.
  3. The qualifying owner has an income for the preceding calendar year of not more than the income eligibility limit.  For 2012, that limit is $28,100.
  4. The qualifying owner is a North Carolina resident. 

This exclusion does not lower the rate.  Rather it lowers the taxable value on the property by the greater of $25,000 or 50% of the appraised value. 

A copy of the application for the elderly exclusion is located on our website at:

Also, feel free to contact our personal property group at (919)-496-1397.