Current Planning


Current Planning Staff

Planning Director
Scott Hammerbacher
(919) 496-2909 or
(919) 496-1514


  • Management and Oversight

Senior Planner
Donna Wood
(919) 496-2909 or
(919) 496-1514


  • Commercial Plan Review
  • Major Subdivision Review
  • Special Use
  • Addressing/Street Signs

Planner I
Jason Rogers
(919) 496-2909 or
(919) 496-1514


  • Minor Subdivision Review
  • GIS Mapping
  • Zoning
  • Conditional Use
  • Variances
  • Addressing
Zoning Enforcement Officer

Griff Gardner
(919) 496-2909 or
(919) 496-1514


  • Zoning Violations
  • Complaints

Conditional Use Permit

Conditional Use Permit


Conditional Uses add flexibility to the zoning ordinance by permitting potential undesirable uses of property in specified districts when certain conditions are met. The Board of Adjustment may choose to place additional conditions on the permit to minimize any adverse effects it might have on surrounding properties.
The included outline list the procedure for applying for a Conditional Use Permit. Applicant is advised to discuss with Planning Staff before applying for Conditional Use Permit.

Current Planning Fees

Planning and Zoning:

Zoning Compliance

Residential Additions $30.00
New Residential $60.00
Commercial/Business $85.00
Rezoning Petition $250.00
Conditional Use $250.00
Variance $250.00
Special Use $250.00
Telecommunication Fee $4500.00

Minor Subdivisions: No preliminary required.

Defined as five (5) or fewer lots with no infrastructure improvements, i.e. roads, water, and sewer.

Final Plat $95.00
Exempt Plat $75.00

Major Subdivisions:

Preliminary Devel. Review Fee $100.00
Preliminary Plat $220.00 (base fee plus $22.50/lot)
Final Plat $220.00 (base fee plus $11.00/lot)

Zone Purchases

Unified Development Ordinance $40.00
Land Use Plan $40.00
Hazard Mitigation Plan $25.00
GIS Maps 34X44 $15.00
Data CDs $50.00

Stormwater Fees:

Commercial Development $110.00
Subdivisions $110.00
Tar Pamlico Nutri. Control $500.00


1. How do I find out what my property is zoned? 

Contact the Planning Office at 919-496-2909. Please have an address, record number, or pin number available to help planning staff identify the parcel. 

2. What days and hours is the Planning and Inspections office open? 

The Planning and Inspections office is open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m to 5 p.m 

3. Am I required to obtain a zoning permit for a fence? 

No, the County does not regulate fences, however the fence should be inside the property lines. 

4. Am I required to obtain a zoning permit for a pool? 

Yes, below ground and above ground pools require zoning permits. 

5. Does the County enforce Homeowners Covenants? 

No, the County does not enforce Homeowners Covenants.  The County only enforces UDO.  For more information contact your Homeowner's Association. 

6. Am I required to obtain a zoning permit for a storage building?

Yes, the county does require you to obtain a zoning permit for a storage building.  In order to apply for the zoning permit, the applicant needs to bring in a site plan showing the location of the proposed building, two copies of building plans, and a check for $27.50. 

7. What are the setbacks for an Accessory building?

There must be a minimum of 10 feet between all buildings and 10 feet from the side and rear property lines.  The Accessory Building is not to protrude past the front line of the house. 

8. How long is a zoning permit valid?

A zoning permit is valid for 6 months from the date it was issued. 

9. How long is a septic permit valid? 

A septic permit is valid for 5 years from the date it was issued. 

10. How do I locate the well and septic tank on my property? 

Contact the Franklin County Environmental Health Department. (919-496-8100)

11. Am I required to obtain a permit if my property is located within a flood zone? 

You will need a height elevation certificate with the foundation plan prepared by are registered surveyor. 

12. What is the oldest model mobile home that can be set up in Franklin County? 

The oldest model mobile home that can be setup in Franklin County is 1976.

Minor/Recombination Process

Recombination/Minor Subdivision Process:

  1. Contact a Surveyor of your choice.
  2. Surveyor is to bring in one paper copy for staff to review.
  3. Allow Planning Staff a minimum of three days to review plat and return comments to surveyor.
  4. After Planning Staff review, surveyor should submit Mylar copy for Planning Staff endorsement.
  5. Review fee for a Recombination is     $75.00
    Review fee for a Minor Subdivision is $95.00
  6. After Review fee has been paid, take mylar copy to the Register of Deeds office located in the Hobgood Annex for recordation. The Address is:

    P.O. Box 545
    113 S. Main St.
    Louisburg, NC 27549.

Minor Sub with new RoadsMinor Sub with New Roads

  • Must be a minimum of 45' in width
  • 3 lots or more must list name of new private road
  • 4-5 lots: roads must meet DOT standards, 4" compacted stone, and plat must include engineer's certificate

Key InformationKey Information:

  • Sketch vicinity map showing relationship between subdivision and surrounding area.
  • Graphic Scale (Scale: 1"=200' or larger)
  • Magnetic North Arrow
  • Legend (Accurate location and description of all monuments and stakes)

Required CertificateRequired Certificate:

  • (Owner, Subdivision Administrator, Review Officer, Surveyor, Notary, Watershed.)

Size of SurveySize of Survey:

  • The survey is to be 18" X 24"

Plat Requirements:

  • Title, date, name, and location of Subdivision
  • Name of owner and registered surveyor
  • Name of the Subdivision
  • Township, County, and State
  • Current Zoning and Setbacks
  • Line and names of all streets and roads
  • Names and locations of adjoining subdivisions, streets, and location, ownership, and deed information of adjoining property
  • Dimensions shown to the nearest one-hundredth (1/100) of a foot and angles to nearest minute
  • Tie to NC Grid System or other pertinent monument

(If applicable: Watershed, Floodplain, 50 Foot Buffer on Perennial Stream.)