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Health Department

Health Education

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The health education staff encourages and empowers the community to make healthier choices by providing education, activities and resources that will allow them to have the ability to recognize and address their health needs. The overall goal of health education is to enable the community to change unhealthy habits into healthy habits.


  • Tobacco Free Living/Prevention
  • Healthy Eating & Physical Activity Awareness
  • Blood Pressure Awareness
  • Breast Health Awareness
  • Communicable Disease Awareness
  • Chronic Diseases Awareness 
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Safety
  • Policy and Environmental change


  • Community health data, assessment, planning and evaluation
  • Respond to request for health information
  • Develop and disburse health information for mass media
  • Provide technical assistance for health department staff
  • Establish partnership relationships with community organizations and other groups
  • Advocate for healthy communities, workplaces, families, and individuals

Who may receive these services?

  • Anyone may request health promotion services

Examples of Health Education at Work:

  • Participation in the planning and development of healthy resources in the community
  • Support community organizations and partners to promote healthy living
  • Advocate for environmental changes that support healthy living for everyone
  • Partner with local faith and non-faith based organizations to adopt healthy eating and other health promotion policies
  • Provide health education to local community organizations 

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Please feel free to contact the Health Education Department at (919) 496-2533