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Health Department

Communicable Disease Program

Communicable diseases are diseases that can be transmitted from one host to another. Franklin County Health Department will attempt to prevent the spread of communicable diseases by providing appropriate reporting, education, surveillance, treatment, and follow-up of patients with communicable diseases. All reportable communicable disease services will be offered at no cost to the patient regardless of the patient's county of residence. For more information, call (919) 496-2533 and ask for the Communicable Disease Nurse.

Communicable Diseases and Pests 

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) & HIV Clinic

Along with Public Health Departments across the state, we identify, track, and treat sexually transmitted diseases including HIV. Our clinic offers confidential STD testing, treatment, and advice to anyone. Patients receive educational counseling to ensure understanding of the disease, methods to avoid spread of the disease, treatment options, and prevention methods. There is no charge for these services and medication is provided for treatment of some STD's. For information call (919) 496-2533 and ask for the STD Nurse/Coordinator.

The Piedmont HIV Integrated Community Access System (PHICAS) has resources for HIV and Hepatitis C.

Tuberculosis (TB) Control Program

Tuberculosis is still a public health problem. In recent years, the CDC has noted a rise in the number of active TB cases. Our health department offers TB skin tests, call for an appointment.

If someone has a positive skin test, the Communicable Disease Nurse will offer counseling, chest x-rays, medical referrals, exposure tracking and control, and provide preventive or therapeutic medication at no charge.