Animal Control

(919) 496-3032
351 T. Kemp Road
Louisburg, NC 27549

Animal Control

If you are experiencing a problem with a stray dog or cats or have a complainant against the neighbor's dog please contact the front desk at the Animal Shelter for assistance.  You may contact us at (919) 496-3032.

 Animal Bites

All animal bites can be serious and those involving a human being are considered an emergency and should be reported immediately to 911, 24/7.  The Animal Control Officer on call will be notified.

All animal bites must be reported at the time of the occurrence and documented by Franklin County Animal Control.  This documentation should include all information related to the animal, the victim, the circumstances under which the victim was bitten, the name of the animal's owner and the rabies vaccination history of the animal.

Dogs and cats which are not currently up to date with rabies vaccinations will be quarantined for a minimum of ten days.  A  $25.00 redemption fee is required to redeem the animal.  Quarantined animals may only be redeemed by the owner and will not be placed for adoption.  The owner of the animal is required to reimburse the county the $25.00 redemption fee plus $5.00 per day after the ten days are up, even if they do not want to redeem the animal. Animals which are currently up to date with rabies vaccinations may be quarantined at the owner's residence with the approval of an Animal Control Officer.