Animal Control

(919) 496-3032
351 T. Kemp Road
Louisburg, NC 27549

Animal Control

The Animal Control Services Department is responsible for Animal Control and Animal Sheltering activities within Franklin County. 

Animal Services Mission:

The mission of the Franklin County Animal Control Department is to provide the citizens of the county with the highest level of animal services by enforcement of our State and local laws, to promote public safety, health, responsible pet ownership and animal welfare.

Hours of operation:  Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Visitation/Adoption and Drop Off hours:  Monday-Friday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM  Saturday 10:00am - 2:00 pm

 To see our adoptable pets please visit us on:

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*Photo gallery on Facebook page has all the photos, info and listings for animals in need of homes.*

We do not hold any animals in the shelter for the public or rescue.  It is first come, first serve. However, we do have the right to put a hold on an animal if need be.



Emergency and Animal Bites:  Dial 911

Adoption fees:  $25.00

Rescue:  $25.00

Redemption fees:  $25.00- after 3 days it will be an additional $5.00 per day.

Bite Quarantine:  $5.00 per day 

All fees are $25.00 

You may contact the Director of the Animal Control Department by utilizing the information below:

Lynn Pendleton

Franklin County Animal Control
Telephone Number:  919-496-3032
Fax number:  919-496-4876


The staff here at Franklin County Animal Shelter's main goal is to save the animals in need. We provide assistants and knowledge to help pet owner' care for there pets properly. We love animals and our hearts are in this 100 %! We will help anyone and any animal that comes our way, and provide information for new pet owners. We try our best to make sure that it is a great match between owner and pet because we think a good fit is what is best for the owner and the animals. We take joy in providing a clean facility, we have a very small dedicated staff that does their very best to keep all the animals happy and warm, while keeping the public happy & safe! Our goal is to help people & animals our hope is that one day we wont have to0! We hope that providing the public with help and knowledgement that we all come together for the animals. At our shelter we recommend people to spay and neuter there pets, so it will stop unwanted animals, there are so many out there that need homes, so many are being put down, we need to come together to solve the problems. We hope that this helps you get to know us here at the shelter, if you would like to know us better please come visit the shelter, talk t the staff, and you might just find a new compaion.